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Drama Matters Networking Event

Last Saturday, Box House Theatre were fortunate enough to be invited to the Drama Matters Networking Event hosted in Birmingham.


Kept as a complete surprise by Tracy Dorrington the organiser, we were incredibly excited to have the opportunity to performing our production of Twisted Tales to over 60 teachers!

Reviews from the evening:

I was totally blown away by the refinement of the actor’s physical skills, the ingenuity of the storyline and the clear chemistry of the cast. I am SO glad I got to experience Box House Theatre. I am absolutely determined to get them in front of my Drama A level and GCSE exam classes - they would benefit so much from seeing such original choreography and slick physical theatre skills. They are also incredibly humble and lovely humans who are able to speak about their experiences with the industry with honesty and passion - another invaluable experience for students. Couldn’t recommend more!


Our school recently had the pleasure of hosting Box House Theatre's production of "Twisted Tales," and it was nothing short of extraordinary. This unique theatre company has managed to create a mesmerizing experience that left both students and staff in awe. One of the standout features of "Twisted Tales" was the ingenious use of minimalism to craft captivating scenes. The creativity and resourcefulness displayed by Box House Theatre were truly remarkable. With just a handful of actors and a bare stage, they managed to transport us to different worlds and immerse us in the stories they were telling. The minimalistic approach allowed the audience's imagination to run wild, making each scene all the more engaging. After the show, Box House Theatre conducted a workshop for our students, and it was an absolute hit. Their passion for drama and storytelling was infectious, and the students couldn't help but be drawn in. The workshop not only provided valuable insights into the world of theatre but also inspired a significant increase in the uptake of GCSE drama in our school. We eagerly look forward to their next visit, as we believe Box House Theatre has something truly special to offer to the world of theatre and education.


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