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Who are we?

Box House Theatre are a professional theatre company who specialise in the performance practice of Platform Theatre. Our aim is to create theatre that utilises the physical actors' skills and attributes rather than relying on the assistance of technical elements.

We stand as proof that impressive theatre should not be restricted to budgets, resources and opportunity, and that “boundary pushing theatre” is born from imagination and creativity alone.


We believe there is much to learn through our approach to theatre and we aim to establish ourselves both within the theatre industry and drama education sector to bring new and innovative ways of theatre creation.


Our style is not for one, but for all.


Alongside our professional theatre productions, Box House Theatre also extend to drama education and institutions through our workshops. We provide the tools and techniques to develop the creative independence of young theatre makers by extracting our knowledge and expertise from our professional theatre creations.


There is a demand within educational sectors for our way of creation to be implemented to the next generation of theatre makers.

Box House aim to break down the traditional approach to teaching. Knowing there is a way to transfer theatre and drama practices to the classroom we are making education more accessible and interactive whilst assisting young people's learning through the use of theatre.

Box House Theatre Twisted Tales mid Shot


Lewis has had over ten years of experience working in the industry for both television and theatre. He has worked internationally as an actor, director, producer, and workshop facilitator alongside some of the industry's most recognised alumni. Credits include the award-winning series Ted Lasso, I Love You Mum: I Promise I Won't Die, Twisted Tales, Summer Of Rockets, and many more.
After actively working worldwide with a variety of different ages and abilities, he recognises the demand for up-to-date industry knowledge and practices that can be applied to each individual's career.

Lewis Evans - Co-Owner

amy fielding

Amy attended East 15 Acting School in 2017 and studied Theatre Arts. She worked towards developing an in-depth knowledge of classical and contemporary texts, the studies of physicality, subtext, and character motive.


Amy has performed and directed in plays such as Merchant of Venice, Oliver Twist, Romeo and Juliet, RENT - The Musical, Noughts and Crosses, Carrie - The Musical, etc.

She worked in Europe performing educational plays and workshops for children aged 6-22 and has developed a passion for incorporating theatre-based activities alongside education.

Amy Fielding - Co-Owner
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