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Devising Abstract/Physical Theatre Workshop

Devising Abstract/physical Theatre


Theatre can be performed in many weird and wonderful ways. During this session we will introduce your students to some of the fundamentals of abstract theatre whilst also providing them with an understanding of to create it. 

This workshop will introduce movement to music within a performance, how music can influence a performance, how to approach devising movement, and the use of mime and heightened physicality within performance. We will practice industry used techniques and styles and demonstrate how this can also be used within naturalistic theatre.

The students will be provided with an insight on how abstract theatre can be utilised for minimal budget performances by using body and voice to symbolise physical elements such as props, set, costume, and sound effects. 

Optional (free of charge): For future use and theoretical purposes, the entire workshop can be recorded and made privately available after it has taken place. We believe this is extremely effective when working and developing, it helps to remember what was discussed and practiced while allowing you to move freely without having to worry about taking notes!


We will explore contrasting devising processes and the techniques used within to see how different approaches can alter the feeling and intention of performance. We will create a safe space for the students to trial and develop their theatre pieces, offer a range of new tools that will aid the creation of theatre, and give additional guidance on explaining the theory behind it which can be used further for their logbooks.

Key Learning Points

  • A developed understanding of contrasting devising techniques

  • A range of activities to develop and explore abstract theatre creation

  • Developed knowledge on responding to stimuli

  • An expanded knowledge of physical theatre and how this can be introduced within performance 

  • A greater understanding of the theoretical process of creating abstract theatre

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