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Twisted Tales

Box House Theatre Company are so excited to

perform at Totton Drama Festival on Saturday 26th March 2022!

book your tickets now at:


A group of thespians stumble upon an ominous book filled with grisly and gory tales. Confined to the space on a small gym mat, six actors through the use of mime, physical theatre, and performance introduce a new and innovative way of performing theatre.


Our Cast.

Directed by Lewis Evans & Amy Fielding

special credit and thanks to Johnny Carrington.

*From left to right*

Ross Hobby - Granny, The Mad Hatter & Ragnar Lothbrok.

Lewis Evans - Wolf, The March Hare & Ivar the Boneless.

Amy Fielding - Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, King Alfred.

Eve Ibbott - Alice and Ubba.

Lee Taylor - The Cheshire Cat & King Aelle of Northumbria.

Sohail Al Mahri - The Huntsman, The white rabbit, King aethulwulf & Bjorn ironside.

Ensemble is also played by cast.



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