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Devising Naturalistic Theatre Workshop

Devising Naturalistic Theatre


Devising a theatre piece from scratch can be a challenging and frustrating process. Our workshop is specifically catered to aid the creative process and assist with how best to tackle the theoretical side. 

We will explore a range of theatre techniques that will provide the students with the necessary tools and inspiration to devise their pieces.


During these exercises, we will cover the use of stimuli, action vs reaction, Mantle of the Expert, and the other tools needed to create theatre. All exercises will be explained in great detail so that the students understand exactly what tools they will acquire from each exercise, how to apply them in future projects, and how this will help with working towards their goal.

Optional (free of charge): For future use and theoretical purposes, the entire workshop can be recorded and made privately available after it has taken place. We believe this is extremely effective when working and developing, it helps to remember what was discussed and practiced while allowing you to move freely without having to worry about taking notes!


We will explore contrasting devising processes and the techniques used within to see how different approaches can alter the feeling and intention of performance. We will create a safe space for the students to trial and develop their theatre pieces, offer a range of new tools that will aid the creation of theatre, and give additional guidance on explaining the theory behind it.

Key Learning Points

  • A developed understanding of contrasting devising techniques

  • A range of activities to develop and explore theatre creation

  • Developed knowledge on responding to stimuli

  • Improvisational techniques 

  • A greater understanding of the theoretical process of creating theatre

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