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South America



International Packages Available.

The UK has been Box House Theatre's stage for some time now, but as Shakespeare once said "all the worlds a stage".

Part of our ethos is to make drama teachings and additional education accessible to all students and that's why we're going international.

An experience with Box House is like no other. Using our industry professional actors, we can bring a new standard of teaching that not only focuses on the fundamentals of drama and performance, but how these techniques are used within professional TV, Film, and theatre performances we see today.


Box House's actors and workshop facilitators have unparalleled experience within the arts and that's why we're bringing them to you.

Going International

What is our international package? Well... that's up to you!

Box House Theatre’s international package includes performances and specialist theatre workshops lead by professional actors for the time frame of your choice.

An example package:

  • 5x full day

  • 5x Performances followed by Q&A

  • 3x Follow up Platform Theatre workshop

  • 2x Character Development Workshop

  • Additional Educational Materials 

Can't think of the workshops you may want? Check out some of our most popular selections.

Wondering what platform theatre is?

why not take a look at twisted tales.

The worlds only provider of platform theatre -

Twisted Tales -

The Performance

  • Devising Naturalistic theatre

  • Platform Theatre

  • Character Development

  • Devising Physical Theatre

  • Audition Masterclass

  • Acting for TV and Film

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