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the  chores  before christmas

Tinkles and Pickles are Santa's hardest-working elves, but when Tinkles has other ideas about how to spend the days leading up to Christmas eve, things get a bit messy. 
Follow the bustling elves in a race to finish the extra chores set by Santa and watch as the two elves conflict with how best to tackle the chores.


Tinkles: My toes are cold, my nose is cold, my eyes are cold... Oh this is awful.  

Pickles: You heard the big man upstairs; someone has to do it. Let’s just get on with it and then we can go back inside. 

[Pickles methodically scatters the snow. As Tinkles dialogue starts, he must pick one child to cover in snow without thought]  

Tinkles: Why do the children need a white Christmas anyway? It’s all about the presents! 

Pickles: How could you say that? Christmas is about family, food, celebrating being together and being merry... not just about presents. 

Tinkles: Well, I for one enjoy the presents a lot more. [beat] Oh, I’m done. 

Pickles: Done? How can you be done? [Gasps] You’ve just scattered your snow in one area... that’s how you’re done. (Name of area of school) is going to be even colder than it already is thanks to you. 

Tinkles: Well, they better wrap up warm then. I’m going inside.  

Enjoy our Christmas production for the younger years, it's jam-packed with audience interaction and fun!

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