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Mime Artists

Practitioners of theatre


This workshop is designed to give the participants an in-depth session and insight into the works of theatres most recognised practitioners. We will explore a practitioner of your choice and examples of performance inspired by this specific style of theatre to develop the participant's practical and theoretical understanding of drama.

In a practical and interactive way, we will offer a session of exploration to greater understand how a particular practitioner may respond or treat a theme/issue, how this is communicated to the audience through stylistic qualities, and how this can be interpreted and inspire future texts and projects. 

Using the participants existing knowledge of said chosen practitioners, we will provide a safe space for exploration and experimentation to greater develop the understanding of the characteristics, how themes and issues are explored, the use of stimuli, how this is translated through genres, and the main influences that created this specific style of drama.

Optional (free of charge): For future use and theoretical purposes, the entire workshop can be recorded and made privately available after it has taken place. We believe this is extremely effective when working and developing, it helps to remember what was discussed and practiced while allowing you to move freely without having to worry about taking notes!

Key Learning Points

  • A developed understanding of the fundamentals of theatre through the eyes of the practitioner

  • To successfully identify the techniques used to form a critical opinion

  • An understanding of how these stylistic qualities are translated and interpreted though performance

  • A developed theoretical and practical understanding of drama

  • To successfully practice and explore techniques used within performance development 

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