Ballet Class for Girls

Physical development and well-being


This workshop will assist and work alongside the PSHCE curriculum in building a core understanding of physical well-being and development.


We will assist in expanding their knowledge of how to keep our bodies healthy and how our bodies work through fundamental movements. Using a variety of exercises including animal physicality, human growth, sensory stimulation and movement-based activities we will introduce key skills in developing our physical well-being with the aim to greater understand how our bodies function.

The main focus of the session is to guide the students to better understand their bodies, how the use of particular movements can benefit us, and how emotions are translated through physicality. This will be explored through the use of fundamental large and small movements and how they are used in our daily lives. 

We will aim to provide the students with the knowledge on how to keep their bodies healthy and understand how the human body grows.


We will give the children the opportunity to experience and develop a range of fundamental movement skills through a variety of contrasting scenarios to improve coordination, locomotion, control, balance, and manipulation. We will provide the space and opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of translation of physicality while allowing them greater insight into the fundamental movement skills that are essential for long-term health, wellbeing, and physical development.

Key Learning Points

  • A variety of skills to show control and coordination in large and small movements

  • A developed knowledge of physicality

  • An understanding of human growth

  • Improved co-ordination, locomotion, control, balance and manipulation skills

  • Essential skills to benefit in daily activities