Best Friends

Mental development and well-being


This workshop will assist and work alongside the PSHCE curriculum in building a core understanding of emotional well-being, developing their knowledge of social behaviour and how this can assist or affect new and existing relationships. 

Using a variety of exercises including role play, sensory stimulation, team building, and movement-based activities we will introduce key skills in developing a social character.


We will build the students understanding of how to identify emotions and the emotions of others and provide them with the knowledge on how to deal and assist accordingly to make ourselves and other feel better. 

The main focus for the session will be guiding the students to understand social conduct, identifying the emotions of others and how this can be recognised and translated through physicality. Our aim will be to expand the students intellectual, emotional and social development through a variety of exercises. 


This workshop will cover a variety of the core PSHCE themes currently within the curriculum: 

  • Health and well-being

  • Mental health 

  • Ourselves, growing and changing

  • Friendships

  • Relationships

  • Identifying and managing hurtful behaviour i.e bullying

Key Learning Points

  • Identifying personal emotions

  • Understanding the emotion of others and how you can help

  • A developed knowledge of how to identify and manage different emotions

  • A developed understanding of how emotions affect the body physically

  • Expanding on vocabulary to describe emotions