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Macbeth workshop


Macbeth is a challenging text to memorise and understand when reading. Our finely-tuned workshop will get the play up on its feet and approach it from a performance perspective to further highlight the intention and character motives throughout the play. 

Our variety of practical and text-based exercises will also unlock a new set of tools for the students to use later in studies to help aid memorisation, explore intention, understand the language used and how this is applicable when performing and analysing. 

The use of themes, writing techniques, and the social/historical context the play explores will be analysed and practiced to give the students a new perspective when preparing for their English Literature studies, GCSE Drama exam, and also in further classical text analysis. 

Optional (free of charge): For future use and theoretical purposes, the entire workshop can be recorded and made privately available after it has taken place. We believe this is extremely effective when working and developing, it helps to remember what was discussed and practiced while allowing you to move freely without having to worry about taking notes!


This workshop will explore how best to tackle the writing of Macbeth, take into account the character's intentions or motives and analyse how this is conveyed through text, subtext, and structure. A variety of practical and text-based activities will be looked at during this workshop and we will aim to enrich the students with a new and exciting way of looking at analysing and performing Macbeth. 

Key Learning Points

  • Key text and quote memorisation techniques

  • In-depth analysis of pros/verse/blank verse and how this is applicable in writing 

  • Exploration of motives and intention 

  • Character analysis

  • A variety of transferable tools and skills to use in later classical text studies

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