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Acting for Film Workshop

Acting for Film


This acting for film workshop will offer an in-depth session that will provoke thought, character development, and how to translate this for an on-screen performance. The session will consist of a variety of practical exercises that will teach the participants the techniques used by industry professionals when filming. 

We aim to offer an insight into the world of film and television to help better prepare the participants for self-tapes, showreels, and working in the industry. We will work with the participants to demonstrate the differences in performance techniques used for stage and film. We will also provide an in-depth one-to-one session where the participants will have the opportunity to showcase a chosen piece to camera which will be recorded and made available for further use. They will also be provided with direction and feedback alongside additional techniques to use in future performances. 


Our goal will be to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills on how to build a character for screen, enabling them to give a convincing and carefully thought-out on-screen performance.

Optional (free of charge): For future use and theoretical purposes, the entire workshop can be recorded and made privately available after it has taken place. We believe this is extremely effective when working and developing, it helps to remember what was discussed and practiced while allowing you to move freely without having to worry about taking notes!

Key Learning Points

  • A developed knowledge of screen performance

  • An developed insight on the differences between a stage and screen performance

  • How to create stand out self-tapes 

  • Industry level direction 

  • Showreel material

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