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A-level - btec

audition masterclass

Drama school? University? Industry job? 

Don't worry, we have your back!

musical theatre masterclass: acting through song

No other path, 

No other way, 

No day but today...

To be taught by our industry professionals!

devising abstract theatre

Theatre can be performed in so many weird and wonderful ways...

Get your students out of their comfort zone and into a creative space!

devising Naturalistic theatre

Stories can be boring on paper...

Let's get them on their feet!

character development

A script not giving you what your character likes for breakfast?

Learn the techniques used by the best in the industry to build your character from scratch.

platform Theatre

Never heard of it?

That's because we're the only company in the world that knows how to do it!

But we're willing to let you in on our secrets.

physical theatre

Learn how to use 206 bones and 600 muscles to create theatre


Just as the great Olivia once said - "Let's Get Physical"

devising theatre

acting for film

Lights... Camera...

"Now what do I do?"

Learn the techniques used by the industry greats to get that authentic screen performance!

headshot masterclass

We all want to look good...

Now let's make you look great!

our Performance

Whether its front row or in the heavens...

There's nothing better than a true live performance!

create your own

Can't find what you're looking for?

Click below to create your own workshop and let us do the thinking!

Stanislavski? Brecht? Berkoff? Why not all of them?

Learn about your chosen influencer of theatre and how they do what they do best!

Practitioners of theatre

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